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Doomdooma college, a touching beauty amidst the verdurous atmosphere of two leaves and a lot bud, is situated in Doomdooma, the Tea-City, which is a remote corner of the North-Eastern tip of Assam, and which, along with its neighborhood, is a wide rural area almost on the borderline of Assam and Arunachal Pradesh and also not a long way from the Indo-Chinese Border. It belongs to the district of Tinsukia which is one of the few most educationally backward districts of India. This ethnically vibrant area is inhabited mostly by Scheduled Castes, scheduled tribes, MOBC, OBC such as Sonowal-Kacharies, Kaivartas, the Mishings, the Morans, the Muttocks etc, and diverse religious and linguistics minorities. Most people of these communities are faced with diverse socio-economic challenges with considerably poor exposure to the modern amenities and opportunities.
Doomdooma College was established in 1967. It is a provincialised College affiliated to Dibrugarh University and recognized by University grants Commission (UGC). It is a multi faculty college with Arts, Commerce and Science Streams located in the easternmost part of Assam. There are a large number of higher Secondary Schools and junior colleges in the neighborhood with no other College for Higher education in a large radius of approximately 30 kms.

The peer team of the NAAC established by the UGC for quality maintenance to Higher Education visited our college for Reaccreditation in the year 2011 and re-accredited the College by B grade with 2.32 CGP. On 1st July, 2016 the College will enter into the 50th year of its establishment and we are confident that, we will be able to meet all the challenges of the 21st century through the combined efforts of the management, faculty members, students, alumni, stakes holders, well wishers and people of this locality and can celebrate the Golden Jubilee of Doomdooma College in a very befitting manner.