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General Rules for maintaining of discipline among students

Great emphasis is laid on discipline, character building and college decorum and students are expected to maintain a high standard of discipline.

Rules for Network Resource Centre

1. Only the bona fide students, teaching and non-teaching staff of the     college are eligible to use the Network Resource Center.

2. Library Card is to be produced before entering the Network  Resource Center.

3. Downloading and printing is available at the Network Resource Center for a minimum charge prescribed by the authority.

4. Ten students at a time can avail the benefits of Network Resource Center.

5. Time allotted for each student is fixed and is to be strictly  maintained.

6. Shoes should be kept outside while entering the Network Resource Center.

7. Access to entertainment websites is not allowed.

8. Silence inside the Network Resource Center is mandatory.

9. To avail the benefits of Network facility students must get their names registered.

Hostel Rules

a) Married students are not allowed to avail hostel seats.
b) Borders must abide by all the rules & regulations imposed by the College authority and Hostel warden.


1. Class hours: The classes are held from 9.00 A.M. to 3.45 P.M. The class hours may be altered as and when necessary. Students are to collect daily class routine from the College notice board.

2. Office hours: 10.00 A.M. to 4.00 P.M. (Monday to Saturday).

3. Library hours: From 9.00 A.M. to 4.00 P.M.


It is strictly compulsory for every student to come to the College with proper uniform which is as follows:


1. Summer : White Shirt and formal Black

2. Winter: Trouser.
White Shirt and formal Black Trouser with maroon coloured V­necked full/halfSweater.
(Jeans pant & Shirt of any other colour is not allowed).


Winter: Navy Blue Blouse and white Chadar-Mekhela or Saree with Navy Blue Border and Maroon coloured Sweater
Summer: Navy Blue Blouse and white Chadar­ Mekhela or Saree with Navy Blue  Border.

N.B. The blue apron for science students is mandatory during their Practical classes.

*College Identity Card and College Badge are issued to every student annually at the time of admission. Old Identity Card is to be surrendered at the end of each academic session for renewal, otherwise new identity card will not be issued. Every student must wear the College Badge and carry the identity card while entering in the College premises.

*Student found without uniform and identity card will be liable for disciplinary action.

*The college strictly adheres to the percentage of attendance of the students as per University regulation.
(see University Regulation 9 under semester system and 5 under CBCS)

*Normally, a student will be allowed to change his/ her subject or stream up to the dates fixed by the Council/ University for admission or within 15 days of the admission of the student (whichever is later).


*The College authority strictly adheres to the ex amination and pr000
omotion rules of the University/AHSEC. Tests and Sessional examinations are compulsory and no appeal for exemption shall be considered. Examinee must fill up the examination form for the concerned examination as and when notified by the College authority. The College authority will not be held responsible for any discrepancy in this respect. (see University Regulation IO under semester system and 6 under CBCS)

Following Documents must be submitted along with the filled in application form for issuance of Provisional Pass Certificate:
? Clearance certificate from the President, Doomdooma College Students' Union and Prof-­in-Charge in case ofan office bearer of the Union.
? Clearance Certificate from the college office regarding surrender of College Identity Card and College Badge.
? Clearance certificate from the Hostel Warden in case of Hostel Border.

Other rules
a) Students must follow the rules notified at the main entrance of the College
b) Every bona fide student of the college must participate at least in 3 (three) events in the College week.
c) Consumption of any fonn of Tobacco product is strictly prohibited inside the college premises.
Violation of any of the rules mentioned above will make the student liable for strong disciplinary action.

Fees under various heads as applicable must be paid at the time of admission and on scheduled date as notified by the Principal of the College. Defaulters will not be allowed to sit in the examination or their result will be kept withheld.