Any students seeking transfer from the college will have to apply to the Principal for Transfer Certificate. The application must be countersigned by his/her parent or legal guardian. No certificate shall be issued to those leaving the College without permission. Refund of fees is not permissible. Following documents must be submitted along with the application. (see University Regulations 12, 13 under semester system and 11 under CBCS)

❖ Clearance Certificate from the college office regarding surrender of College Identity Card and College Badge.

❖ Library clearance certificate from the Librarian

❖Clearance certificate from the President, Doomdooma College Students' Union and Prof-­in-Charge in case o fan office bearer of the Union.

❖Record of percentage of attendance duly signed by Heads of the concerned Departments.

❖Clearance certificate from the Head of the department in case of students having Major programme.

❖Clearance certificate from the concerned N.C.C. Officer in case of N. C. C. cadet.

❖Clearance certificate from the Hostel Warden in case of Hostel Border.