Academic Support

College Central Library

The college has an excellent digitized central library with numerous text books, reference books, a good number of journals and periodicals. The library has well furnished specious reading rooms for students and teachers along with a conference room. E-book and e-joumals can be accessed through the fNFLIBNET, N-LIST programme.

Book Bank

The college has a Book Bank in the College Central Library for meritorious and economically backward students

Network Resource Center (Digital Lounge) with Wi-Fi

Internet browsing facility is available for faculty members and students at the Network Resource Centre (Digital Lounge)

Departmental Library

Each department has a departmental library with a good number of text and reference books. The departments issue books to the students and maintain the record ofissue and return.

College Laboratories

The college has the following well equipped Laboratories:

Science Laboratories

Psychological Laboratory

Computer Laboratory

Language Laboratory

Remedial Coaching

The College arranges remedial coaching for the students of ST/SC/OBC/MOBC/TGL/Minorities/Economic ally Backward classes.

Sports, Cultural & Recreational Support

* Historical & Cultural Museum: The Historical & Cultural Museum maintained by the department of History has a rare collection of different specimens of art, architecture etc. collected from various ethnic groups of the surrounding area. The museum provides immense educational values for the students of the college. The college has the following sports and recreational facilities :

* Play ground

* Handball, Basketball & Badminton Courts

Financial Support

* Free studentship to Meritorious Students: Free studentship to Meritorious Students securing 90% and above marks in the last qualifying Examinations. Free studentship to National Level Child Scientist and 50% fee concession to State Level Child Scientist of National Children Science Congress (NCSC). Free admission to the toppers in the HS First Year Examination in Arts, Commerce and Science streams

* Financial aid to economically weak meritorious students: Limited number of economically disadvantage and meritorious students is provided financial assistance from the Poor Fund of the college. The students must apply for financial assistance from this fund to the Principal with valid documents.

* Scholarship &Awards to students who perform brilliantly in academic & co-curricular activities.

* Special merit scholarship awarded by donor families of Mr. S. N Patowary and Mr. N. bahety to 20 bona fide students of the college every year.

* Students Travel Concession

Disciplinary Support

* Anti-ragging and Disciplinary Action Committee : Ragging of any sort is strictly prohibited within and outside the college campus. Ragging is a criminal offence and the Anti­Ragging and Disciplinary Action Committee of the college maintains strict vigilance for its detection. Any student involves in ragging directly or indirectly is liable for punishment to the extent of expulsion. Students are advised to bring cases of ragging to the notice of the Principal Vice-Principal/ Anti-ragging and Disciplinary Action Committee.

* Students admitted to the college must abide by all rules and regulations as prescribed by the College authority. Violation of rules, unsatisfactory academic progress, irregular attendance, irregular clearance of College and Hostel fees and dues, showing discourtesy to the teachers and to the non-teaching staff in any form, adoption of unfair means during examination etc. are some of the offences which may make the student liable for disciplinary action like termination of scholarship, non-issuance of college Diploma/Certificate, forced transfer and even expulsion from the college and hostel.

* All forms of ragging inside the Hostel and College premises are strictly prohibited. Strong disciplinary action will be taken if anyone is found to be involved directly or indirectly in ragging.

* Using mobile phones inside the classroom and examination hall is strictly prohibited.