Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC)

The Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) of Doom Dooma College is an effective internal Co-ordinating and monitoring mechanism constituted to ensure a quality culture and systematize the efforts of the institution towards academic excellence. The cell has been formed according to the guidelines of NAAC with Principal as Chairperson, a senior faculty member as the co-ordinator, two external experts on Quality Management and members, nominated from the teaching and non-teaching staff to give proper representation to all departments including the library and the office. The cell, which is actively involved in the overall quality enhancement of the institution, strives for continuous improvement. The cell takes feedback responses from students, parents and other stakeholders on quality -related institutional processes.

Portfolio        -                                    Name                                                                              Remarks 

Chairman      -                                    Dr. P.J. Borthakur, Principal 

Coordinator  -                                    Dr. Pranjit Saikia, Asst. Professor 

Asst. Coordinator -                           Dr. Lokman Ali, Asst. Professor 

Asst. Coordinator -                           Mr. Mintu Upadhyaya, Asst. Professor 

Member -                                            Dr. Rinjumoni Sarmah, Vice principal 

Member -                                            Dr. Champa Rao Mohan, Assoc. Professor 

Member -                                            Mr. Deepak Ranjan Baruah, Assoc. Professor 

Member -                                            Ms. Anjoo Konwar, Assoc. Professor 

Member -                                            Dr. Anjan Saikia, Asst. Professor 

Member -                                            Mr. Monoj Dutta, Asst. Professor

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