Covid-19 : Mandatory Rules

To prevent outbreak of Covid-19 every student must follow the following instructions :

(i)  Keep the face musk on

(ii) Use Sanitizer or soap to wash your hand. Wash your hand in frequent interval

(iii) Complete follow the Social distancing norm

(iv) Do not take unnecessarily travel trip.

(v)  Clean your hands & legs when you come home from outside. Do not bring shoes into your house.

(vi) Do not go to Crowded places

(vii) Increase immunity by doing Yuga  and physical exercise regularly.

(viii) Keep your surrounding clean and hygienic

(ix) When you feel you have come nearer to a suspected patient take a thorough bath.

(x) Safety is the only way to prevent Covid-2019.

The threat of CORONA is not going to end soon.

Lockdown or no lockdown follow these precautions.