General Rules for maintaining of discipline among students:

1. Great emphasis is laid on discipline, college decorum and character building and students are expected to maintain a high standard of discipline. They are subject to rules and regulations of the college and hostels.

2. The students admitted to the college must abide by all rules and regulations as per prescribed by the college authorities. Violation of rules, unsatisfactory progress, irregular attendance, irregular clearance of college and hostel fees, showing discourtesy to the teacher and staff members in any form, adoption of unfair means during examination etc. are of the offences which may make the students liable for disciplinary action like termination of scholarship, non-awards of college diploma, forced transfer and even expulsion from the college and hostel.

3. All forms of ragging inside the hostel and college campuses are strictly prohibited. Strong disciplinary action as mentioned in Sl. No (4) above will be taken if anyone is found to be involved directly or indirectly in ragging.

4. Using Mobile Phone within the college premises by the students is strictly prohibited.

Rules for Network Resource Centre:

1. Only the bona fide students, teaching and non-teaching staff of the     college are eligible to use the Network Resource Center.

2. Library Card is to be produced before entering the Network  Resource Center.

3. Downloading and printing is available at the Network Resource Center for a minimum charge prescribed by the authority.

4. Ten students at a time can avail the benefits of Network Resource Center.

5. Time allotted for each student is fixed and is to be strictly  maintained.

6. Shoes should be kept outside while entering the Network Resource Center.

7. Access to entertainment websites is not allowed.

8. Silence inside the Network Resource Center is mandatory.

9. To avail the benefits of Network facility students must get their names registered.

Hostel Rules:

1. Married students are not allowed hostel seats

2. Borders must abide by rules imposed by the warden of the hostel.

Other Rules:

1. Students must follow the rules notified at the main entrance of the College.

2. Each bona fide student of the college must participate at least in 3 events in the college week.


1. Class hours: The classes are held from 9.00 A.M. to 3.45 P.M. The class hours may be altered as and when necessary. Students are to collect daily class routine from the College notice board.

2. Office hours: 10.00 A.M. to 4.00 P.M. (Monday to Saturday).

3. Library hours: From 9.00 A.M. to 4.00 P.M.


It is strictly compulsory for every student to come to the College with proper uniform which will be as follows:


1. Winter: White Shirt and formal Black Trousers and maroon colored V- necked full or half Sweater (Jeans pant/shirt and any other color are not allowed).

2. Summer: White Shirt and Formal Black Trousers (Jeans pant/shirt and any other color are not allowed)


Winter: Navy Blue Blouse and white Chadar-Makhela or saree with navy blue border and Maroon Color Sweater.
Summer: Navy Blue Blouse and white Chadar- Makhela/Saree with navy blue border.

N.B. The blue apron for science students is mandatory during their practical classes.


• College identity card and college badge are issued to every student annually at the time of admission. Old identity cards are to be surrendered at the end of the each academic session for renewal.

• Students are strictly required to wear the College badge and carry the identity card while entering in the college premises. Students found without uniform and identity card will be liable to for punishment.


• A student who has less than 80% attendance shall not be permitted to sit for the End-semester examination in the course in which the shortfall exists. Provided that it shall be open to the University to grant exemption to a student who has attended a minimum of 70% classes but failed to obtain the prescribed 80% attendance for valid reasons on recommendation of the Head/Director/ Coordinator of the Department/ Centre on payment of a prescribed fee(s).

• The Principal of the college/ institute with recommendation of the Heads of the Departments shall announce the names of all students who shall not be eligible to appear in the End-semester examinations in the various courses due to non-fulfillment of the criteria of internal assessment and attendance, and send a copy of the same to the University. In such cases, the student shall have to re-enroll in the relevant course(s) with the next batch.


Normally, a student will be allowed to change his/ her subject or stream up to the dates fixed by the Council/ University for admission or within 15 days of the admission of the student (whichever is later).
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